Documents classification

Collect and classify all your accounting documents: invoices, quotes, receipts, purchase orders, deposits, reminders, etc


Meet Payment Deadlines

Bookkeeping goes hand in hand with punctuality and compliance with payment deadlines and about the payment of invoices, the balance sheet closing date and all Tax obligations.


Select an accounting software

If you choose to internalize your bookkeeping, you will have to invest and learn how to use accounting software such as DEMASI, BOB50 or ODOO for accounting.


Keeping your accounting up to date

Accounting management, all transactions must be booked as soon as it occurs: i.e. on the day it occurs. Especially if you're a sole proprietorship. Law in Luxembourg request to maintain journal on a daily basis. Tackling your accounting too late can be catastrophic for the closing of your company's annual accounts.


Ask review from accountant

CEO calls on Financial Services and outsources their company's Bookkeeping to concentrate on their business and make sure they know where their money is going. A company that keeps its accounts up to date complies with Luxembourg law.